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Are you impulsive?
Do you lack control over your emotions?

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Drug Free Treatment Programs

Long lasting results by treating the problem - not the symptoms

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Lasting results through experience

Experience a successful treatment outcome from a dedicated professional

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Individualized ADD/ADHD Treatment

Find the right solution for your individual treatment needs.

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Learn About the Center for Attention Deficit Disorder

We treat attention deficit and attention hyperactivity disorder in children and adults, using traditional and innovative methods - specializing in state-of-the-art and drug free treatment. Watch our video for more information.

Accelerated Treatment Programs

This accelerated ADD/ADHD treatment program is a condensed version of our normal treatment program, allowing you to gain break-through results more quickly.

All participants in our accelerated program also get free pre and post computer-based testing for ADD/ADHD.

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What Our Patients Say

I struggled with the tensions of running a large company. Using EEG Neurofeedback and brain mapping, Dr. Silverman helped me dramatically increase my ability to focus on details and manage stress. My family and staff noticed the changes after just a few sessions, and these improvements have been lasting.

— Dan, 37 year-old with anxiety and depression

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