Drug Free Treatment Programs

Long lasting results by treating the problem - not the symptoms

When seeking treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), medication is known to help some people, but with several drawbacks.

Aside from undesirable side effects, medication is often needed indefinitely and can lose potency after several years of use requiring larger dosing over time. While the exact cause of ADD/ADHD is not conclusively known, we do know it is a result of a breakdown in how your brain functions. Medications just treat the symptoms of this breakdown, instead of addressing the source of the problem.

Our drug-free approach works to identify the cause of your problem, starting with a brain map to highlight the source of your difficulties. Then, we are able to target your brain and create a treatment program using leading-edge technology-based training. The result is a long-lasting change in how your brain functions - not just a mask of your symptoms.

We utilize programs with proven medical and psychological research shown to provide success with drug free and noninvasive ADD/ADHD treatment.

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What Our Patients Say

I struggled with the tensions of running a large company. Using EEG Neurofeedback and brain mapping, Dr. Silverman helped me dramatically increase my ability to focus on details and manage stress. My family and staff noticed the changes after just a few sessions, and these improvements have been lasting.

— Dan, 37 year-old with anxiety and depression

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