Neurofeedback Therapy

Training Your Brain to Perform Better

Just like physical exercise helps the body stay healthy, toned and maintained, training the brain helps it function more effectively and overcome conditions and disabilities where the brain is not working the way it should. Neurofeedback is a treatment option we can use for directly training the brain to function more efficiently and to treat a variety of conditions. This powerful, non-invasive therapy is an excellent and proven method to treat a variety of disorders. Also known as EEG Biofeedback or Neurotherapy, individuals condition their brain to perform more efficiently using direct feedback as the brain performs and receives visual and auditory feedback about brainwave activity. New pathways are developed and strengthened, resulting in improved cognitive, behavioral, and emotional functioning. The brain is literally re-trained and conditioned so unwanted behaviors, like inattention, are replaced by desirable behaviors.

How Does Neurofeedback Therapy Work?

Neurofeedback works by allowing patients to visualize and interact with their brainwaves. Without special equipment and expertise, we have no way of influencing our brainwaves because we cannot actually see or feel them. By converting our brainwaves to a format where we can see them we can interact with them. For example: We can have our brainwaves control the speed of a rocket ship on a computer screen by telling faster brainwaves to speed the rocket ship up. By adjusting our mind to use faster brainwaves, the ship speeds up and our brain becomes conditioned. Over time, our brain becomes retrained to work at this higher frequency.

Getting Started on EEG Neurofeedback Therapy (qEEG/Brainmapping)

The first step of Neurofeedback is to conduct a brainmap (quantitative EEG or qEEG) to understand how the brain is already functioning by evaluating current brainwave patterns. This helps identify the problem areas of the brain needing attention. Then, using special equipment with qualified expertise, sensors are placed on the scalp over problem areas and the patient interacts using computer-based training exercises. We utilize a full 19-channel EEG recording and analysis with sensors positioned based on the International 10-20 System of Placement, so you can depend on a much more detailed and reliable outcome. To learn more about brain mapping, please visit our informative page on Understanding Brain Mapping. Most people using EEG Neurofeedback for treatment start seeing results within a few sessions, although the degree and time frame for success varies by individual.

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What Our Patients Say

We were desperate for help for our son, Peter. Everyday life was frustrating and sad for him, and he was struggling in his preschool class. Now that he uses EEG Biofeedback, Peter is a different child. He is thriving and 100% happier – and our family life also is much improved.

— Laura, mother of a six-year old with ADD

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