Benefit of working with a licensed psychologist

Finding a quality professional to help you or your child break free from the struggle and frustration of attention deficit disorder can be a daunting task. Finding the right therapist and treatment plan could mean the difference between finding the results you need and exhausting your resources without any improvement.

The advantage of working with a licensed psychologist means you have a professional who has completed doctoral training, is licensed and trained to work in clinical, research, and medical environments - in addition to working with patients who need therapy. Plus, they are also mental health professionals specifically trained to test for and officially diagnose mental illnesses, whereas counselors, therapists and social workers can only suggest those conditions exist, but must refer you to a psychologist for a true diagnosis.

In short, a licensed psychologist is better prepared to help you more quickly identify and create an individualized treatment plan for attention deficit disorder. They are also be able to identify more complex interactions or conditions that would otherwise be difficult to treat by looking at just a single condition or treatment approach.


What Our Patients Say

We were desperate for help for our son, Peter. Everyday life was frustrating and sad for him, and he was struggling in his preschool class. Now that he uses EEG Biofeedback, Peter is a different child. He is thriving and 100% happier – and our family life also is much improved.

— Laura, mother of a six-year old with ADD

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