ADD and ADHD in Adults

A disorder that is not just limited to kids

When thinking about attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD), people often consider it a childhood problem. However, it is common for children with the condition to experience symptoms throughout adulthood.

Symptoms are unique for each individual, but can include trouble concentrating and staying focused, disorganization and forgetfulness, impulsiveness, emotional difficulties, and in some people, a substantial lack of motivation or hyperactivity/restlessness. Attention deficit disorder symptoms in adults are often quite different than they are in children, as is the impact on quality of life. As we get older, the symptoms of adult ADD/ADHD could have serious consequences in terms of employment, relationships and social expectations.

The consequences of adult ADHD can include frustration, disappointment, unrealized goals, and a loss of confidence. However, a diagnosis of adult ADD/ADHD is often an enormous source of relief for people as they realize their difficulties are a result of attention deficit disorder and not due to a personal weakness or a character flaw - giving them hope for lasting change.


What Our Patients Say

You gave my daughter Linda hope and the ability to move forward in her life and studies. The difference from last year is like night and day. There has been a dramatic improvement in her life – and in ours as a family!

— Wendy, mother of a 15 year-old with ADD

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