What to Expect with ADD and ADHD Treatment

Lasting change from decades of experience and diverse treatment strategies

Treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder varies greatly depending on the individual - including age, symptoms, treatment choices, and past treatment outcomes. Our ADD/ADHD treatment strategies are non-invasive and designed to accommodate individual needs and preferences. Our treatment plans start by completing a comprehensive assessment, including a brain-map to help identify abnormal brain activity.

Once an assessment is completed, we focus on a thorough treatment plan designed around individual target outcomes. We have an assortment of both traditional treatment options and innovative methods, including drug-free treatment options, to help patients get highly beneficial and lasting results. Many of our treatment programs utilize proven neurofeedback and biofeedback techniques - allowing our patients to enjoy life-changing results. Get Started with Treatment Today


What Our Patients Say

I started Neurofeedback because I was inattentive and doing poorly in school. During the first month I experienced a significant improvement. I plan to attend college and know what I learned here will help me be successful at school and in life.

— David, 17 year-old who was failing classes and depressed

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