What is Neurofeedback

Improve attention, focus and behavior by training the brain

Neurofeedback uses the brain’s capacity for adapting to change to reshape brain networks. Also known as EEG biofeedback or neurotherapy, neurofeedback is a research-supported treatment option to improve attention, concentration, and behavior - without the use of medication.

Neurofeedback is a simple and non-invasive process - really just another form of learning - for your brain. Through a process called brain plasticity (also called neuroplasticity), neurofeedback creates long-lasting change in brain connections so you learn to improve your focus and manage your mental responses. It utilizes the same biological process you use to learn every other skill, like driving, sports, or playing guitar.

Just like with other skills, you learn through feedback and practice - using very advanced, and often entertaining technology. Neurofeedback works by providing you with instant information about changes in your brain’s electrical activity. You adapt, or learn, by working to adjust your current brain activity to reach more desirable brain states.

Neurofeedback technology and research has advanced substantially in recent years, and when combined with the knowledge and expertise of a neurofeedback certified and licensed psychologist, results are predominantly both effective and long-lasting.


What Our Patients Say

I struggled with the tensions of running a large company. Using EEG Neurofeedback and brain mapping, Dr. Silverman helped me dramatically increase my ability to focus on details and manage stress. My family and staff noticed the changes after just a few sessions, and these improvements have been lasting.

— Dan, 37 year-old with anxiety and depression

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